Friday, May 6, 2011

Family Duties

I thought the Family Duties Chart was somewhat enlightening. It helped me realize how many of the duties around the house have been shared. It would have been nice to see a chart with timelines on it. Like if it had a chart for childhood, then teen years, and now adult life. If that were the case – my results would be very different. My mom has stopped doing the duties that are typically carried about by the woman because over time her jobs consumed her and she’s working all the time. Since I’m currently home, working, and going to school I’m able to take over her duties and do most of the housework. I don’t do this willingly, but I do this because my parents are both working full time and without my doing some of the chores around the house, they’d never get done. My sister, when she comes home from TCU, does absolutely nothing to help around the house. She never has and probably never will unless she realizes someday when she’s older she needs to do some motherly duties around the house. Overall – I thought the chart should be broken down into different stages in one’s life, but it was helpful to see that all the duties are shared, because sometimes it feels like they aren’t.

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