Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Over time the world has gradually grown more and more secular. More and more new belief systems that have nothing to do with a religious deity are being developed and more and more people are not going to church. However, just because the world is growing more secular, doesn’t mean religion is fading away. In times of crisis, people gather at church and call upon their religious beliefs to help them make it through a rough time.

I do believe the Church is having fewer roles in countries as a whole. Middle Eastern countries are still highly influenced by religion due to the strict rules of Islam other religions in the region. In the United States, there hasn’t really been one single dominating religion, which I believe is great. It’s one thing to have a belief in a higher power, and it’s amazing that the United States allows freedom of religion. Secularization enhances this because our Government and laws we have in the country don’t try to press beliefs on people and allows us to freely choose what we want to believe in. Overall, the world is becoming more and more secular. New belief systems are constantly being developed and it can only help our understanding of ourselves and our purpose on earth.

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  1. I agree with what you are saying. I feel people are just as religious, but they aren't attending church as often. I think people's lives are getting so busy that their focus on attending weekly services have become a hard task to incorporate into the week. People still believe in, and have a strong faith in god overall.