Monday, April 18, 2011

Racial Inequality

The website “Tale of Two Families” shows what I feel is the typical lifetime of an African American family looking to make its life better in America, and a typical American family of the time. I believe the Green family is an inspiring family for the modern Black family. You hear stories of people living off welfare in dilapidated housing in the inner-city, yet this family moved out and had their son go to an Ivy League school. He’s a minority in his own culture, yet should be used as inspiration for hope to the African-American culture. When the Civil Rights movement ended and African-Americans gained their rights they were given full equality in America. I believe people like Byron recognized this and took advantage of it and worked for what he has now. Others, however, expected things to just be given to them and don’t work for what they want. The goal of every parent is to give their children a better life than the one they had, both Byron and Max’s parents have succeeded. I think more people need to read stories like this and realize that you have to work for things in life and not everything is just going to be given to you. Until more people think and live this way, the “wealth gap” will never be closed between whites and non-whites.

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