Friday, May 27, 2011

Week 15: Urbanization

I lived the first 7 years of my life living in Bethesda, Maryland right near Westmoreland Circle, which is on the Maryland and DC border. The houses were extremely close together and the neighborhood was very safe and friendly. Shortly after that house we moved into Great Falls, Virginia into a much larger house. The houses had much more land and neighbors weren’t seen as often. When I originally moved to Great Falls, there were a lot of horse farms and not too many houses. Over the past 16 years Great Falls has been built up. I vaguely remember Sterling and beyond down Route 7, being open land with nothing built. Now there’s malls, strip malls, and tons of housing options. I once prided myself on living “in the middle of nowhere” as it seemed, but now it seems like the city is gradually making its way towards me. Even with all the urbanization occurring around me, I love knowing that within 5 minutes I can be on the Potomac River fishing in my canoe. I the reason why what was once rural to DC is becoming a suburb is because housing farther away from the city is cheaper than it is in the city and with the poor job market people can’t afford what they were once able to afford. As the population continues to grow, suburbs will continue to grow as well and what I deemed as rural Great Falls, will become just another suburb.

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