Monday, May 23, 2011

Week 14: Political Power

The basic principle behind the United States and who ultimately wields power, is that the people are the ones who own the power. The truth is – it’s the people who vote who have the power. Every citizen can register to vote for their candidate who holds their political ideologies. People who don’t choose to vote give up their say in government, yet they’re the ones who complain the most about not getting any support from the government. The voters decide who they trust the most and whose beliefs reflect their own and then attempt to vote them into office. Every couple of years there are votes and the government shifts tides from being more conservative to more liberal, and then the other way depending on the political climate of the United States and the general world climate. At the very heart of it, it’s the people who ultimately decide who to put into the actual position of power in the government, such as governors, members of the House, and presidents. Every American has a say in the government, by means of the vote, just most of them don’t see it that way. The best way to lead reform and have a feeling of power is to get out and vote in every election.

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