Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Social Class

Social Class in America is still a vital part of society. It’s what distinguishes people from one another and helps people meet and gain valuable life experiences. Having several different classes allows those more fortunate to be grateful for what they have and allows people of lower classes to become inspired to reach newer/higher classes, if they want to.

I believe my family is in the upper middle class in American society. I was privileged enough to go to a private all-boys school for 10 years and attend a very good college for two years playing sports, but eventually left to transfer to another school for personal reasons. The people I tend to associate with are from the same class. However, just because I’m from a more fortunate class, doesn’t mean I’m content with where I’m at. I’m inspired by my grandparents and parents to do better than where they are currently. As with most parents, they want better for their children. I want to outgain and live better than my family has in the past. Unfortunately, this isn’t the same for all Americans. Some people aren’t as privileged as I was and cannot escape their class. In my opinion, there’s always room for improvement and I tend to look down at people who remain stagnant and aren’t trying to achieve a better life.

On the People Like US website I can somewhat relate to the story about the Italian immigrant family and the daughter trying to help her family. My goal for when I’m older is to be able to take care of my family financially and emotionally. I’d like to be able to have my parents retire comfortably knowing I’m there to support them and give them nice things. However, I won’t be able to achieve this without a drive for perfection and greater things. Like Val, I have a very supportive family. Unlike Val, my family isn’t terribly stubborn and will hopefully be able to accept my gifts knowing I’m not trying to rub my success in their faces.

In the end, a class system is very important and still relevant in American society. Its liquid enough for people to jump from class to class based off of their own ambition. The US Government does everything in its power, in my opinion, to help out the less fortunate by providing the means financially and institutionally to change classes, it just all depends on their persons own ambition to become a better citizen.

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