Monday, March 21, 2011

I believe as technology increases we will become more and more isolated. The days when you could have hour long conversations on the phone with someone is rapidly getting further away and being replaced with text messages and online communication. I’ve noticed that in attempts to talk on the phone with people my own age there’s several awkward pauses at times. Texting allows us to wait to respond or respond immediately. However – in business, direct communication, face to face, is very important. Although, as our book stated, telecommunication is growing rapidly and allowing for more production in certain industries.

I firmly believe that the further away we get from direct contact with people; society will suffer as a whole. People are able to establish relationships through internet dating sites. In my opinion, if my ancestors were perfectly content going out and finding their wife, why can’t I do the same? I do believe, however, technology will benefit the world as a whole in the business world. It’ll allow the global market to expand greatly which will benefit everyone.

In the end, I believe communication w/o technology will still benefit us as a society and we need to keep remembering that. Technology has its place in the world as far as production and telecommunications concerned, and it’s growing, but we need to make an attempt to not let it overtake formal communication which would isolate us as human beings.

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