Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 4: Nature vs. Nurture

My view on the nature vs. nurture debate is that people are more or less shaped by their environment. People generally are shaped by the environment in which they are born into, however it can “backfire” and someone can turn out opposite of how they were brought up. What I mean by this is that if someone is socialized in a ghetto and not taught the best of ideals and ways of living, they will either stay in the environment or continue to keep the social reproduction flowing. Or, they could see how others are socialized and attempt to change their social role in society as a whole.

Examples of people going against their social upbringing are people like Oprah who turn their struggles into fortune and help make the lives of other people better. Oprah’s “molding years” were spent in poverty and she could have easily stayed in this social situation, but decided not to. She’s a great example of someone who went against her social role and made something of herself.

An example of someone who has fallen off the deep end and gone against his intended socialization is someone like Charlie Sheen. Bothe his brother and father are straight edge celebrities who do a lot of things to improve people’s lives and are upstanding citizens. Charlie, I assume, had the same upbringing, and yet has made a mockery of the judicial system by getting out of his many arrests and somehow not being caught on any drug charges.

In my opinion, it’s all up to the individual when it comes down to it. They can either become complacent with their social role, good or bad, or decide through their own free will if they want to change their role, for better or for worse.

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