Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 3: American Culture to the Rest of the World

American humor can be rather silly or very harsh and attack other people or cultures. British humor is more satirical in nature. It was kind of startling watching a British actor make fun of Americans. I honestly got a little angry hearing the laughter at the word "America". I know if someone got on stage and sung a song only saying "England" I'd probably want him to get off the stage because of how annoying it'd be. However, if he played a piano, much like Hugh Laurie does, you wouldn't expect him to start saying one word on repeat, which is why I think the people thought it to be funny. I think the ending shows what British people think about Americans, they want us to be quiet and stop "tooting our own horn" about how great we are. The song itself, if sung by an American, just shows how patriotic and proud of our country we are, but because it's not an American singing it's satirical.

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